Emil Lopez

October 26, 2022

Emil Lopez believes that all young people deserve to be heard, and he’s working to bring awareness and solutions to amplify the youth voice in Alaska. A keynote speaker for a recent youth summit, Emil brings to the table an awareness of and solutions for the role of young citizens. A student at Bettye Davie East […]

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Camylle Peterson

December 31, 2021

Camylle loves fashion design and is an incredibly gifted seamstress. She has been designing and creating her own clothes for some time. She has been able to make soft toys for children. Camylle is an inspiration. Her sewing machine skills and eye for fashion are advanced beyond her years. She has started to sell a […]

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Ethan Van Kirk

December 27, 2021

Ethan participates in art, jazz, baseball, wrestling and is currently a soccer referee. He received 3rd place in state wrestling and has attended soccer tournaments. Despite his successes, he is still modest, stoic and humble. He helps others by sharing all that he has, helping those in need after having been bullied.

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Katie Cox

When a fire destroyed her hometown theater, where she had performed since she was five, Katie sprung into action. She spent this last summer and fall creating original paintings and selling them on the sidewalk in front of her house. She sold and then donated over $600 to the rebuilding efforts. Additionally, she collected thousands […]

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Emaline Buchanan

December 24, 2021

When Emaline was 13, she started a nonprofit called Duchess Foundation. The nonprofit provides feminine products to school nurses and school districts. She started it when she recognized that her friends needed some help. She turned 16 in February and continues to help her community through the nonprofit.

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Deszerei Chong Balingit

December 5, 2021

Deszerei has started and continues to grow her baking business in Sitka called Deszerei’s Delights. She makes home baked sweets like cookies, cakes and macarons. She recently expanded her business to include weekend sandwich specials like a turkey wrap layered with cream cheese, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

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E Chythlook

February 1, 2021

E has been a powerful example of LGBTQ inclusion. During the first year with the Anchorage Youth Symphony, E was instrumental in crafting Alaska Youth Orchestra’s revised Concert Black attire requirements, setting a nationwide example of this classical music norm, which has historically been gender specific. That revised policy has been shared with every youth […]

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Alaina Vik

December 28, 2020

Alaina started a program called Operation Sweet Support, where she assembled care boxes for Alaskan troops stationed abroad. She was able to raise over $5,000, located private contributors and had the military fund one of the three shipments. Over 200 boxes were packed and shipped.

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Kinley Erickson

Kinley is active in her church’s youth and early childhood programs. She is always patient and caring to children and has taken care of many special needs kids. During her lunch period, she created a Bible study to reach those she didn’t know. She baked the night before while balancing school and work so those […]

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Ron Paguio

December 22, 2020

While involved in the PenPal Program, which connected students from Alaska with students from Uganda, Ron emotionally supported his penpal who had been  a victim of police brutality at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement this summer. Ron also created a supportive and safe space for other students to process this story and […]

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Naomi Jones

December 15, 2020

Naomi is dedicated to Native Youth Olympics, group arts and crafts and caring for children and elders. She started a student newspaper, conducting interviews for a student and staff profile, and reporting on monthly activities. She utilizes electronic media, engages with youth writing groups by competing in writers’ conferences.

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Donovan Harris

Donovan is an active member of the Boys and Girls Club of Fairbanks’ Keystone Club. Because of Covid-19, certain community service projects have come to a standstill, so Donavan and others have started to choose service projects based on preventing drug abuse and racism within the community.

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Starlyn Phillips

December 14, 2020

Starlyn is part of Native Leadership, Student Council, and Yearbook team. All of these require extra time, energy and dedication as well as respectful communication with outside organizations. Starlyn has experienced difficult life circumstances and has still remained hard-working, kind and dedicated.

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Eielson Youth Group

Being able to buy items for a reasonable price at the Eielson Thrift Shop is helpful to many airman and families at Eielson Air Force Base. Eielson Youth Group is helping keep Eielson Thrift Shop open on a regular basis by volunteering their time sorting, pricing and selling items to the community for a reasonable […]

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Madeline Ortiz

December 4, 2020

Madeline intended to plan and host a community Preparedness Fair, but because of the pandemic it had to be cancelled. However, she still plans to create a Fair in which people can learn about personal preparedness for natural disasters such as earthquakes. Her goal is to have booths with as wide a variety of educators […]

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Rebecca Tyler

Becca recognized how much exercise helped her overcome her depression during the pandemic, so she created a website to raise funds to assist youth in getting outdoors more.

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Sarah Mixsell

December 30, 2019

Sarah founded Alaska Kids for Kids in 2011 when she was nine years old. Alaska Kids for Kids is a registered non-profit organization which annually selects a youth focused organization to serve for the next calendar year through fund-raising and other donations. Under Sarah’s leadership, the organization, has raised over $20,000 in funds and other […]

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Aleea Faulkner

December 12, 2018

Aleea started “For the Love of Socks,” which gives socks to the homeless. She and her mom also took over the Bear Hugs program, which distributes backpacks and necessities to kids in need.

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Ruby Allen (part of Ambassador Girl Scout 1935)

December 2, 2018

Ruby worked with the Homer Food Pantry to stock dozens of nylon backpacks with essential food items so that students could anonymously and discreetly fulfill a basic need for those who might otherwise go without. In 15 months, over 120 food bags have been stocked and distributed.

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Sophie Morin (part of Ambassador Girl Scout 1935)

Sophie worked with the Homer Food Pantry to stock dozens of nylon backpacks with essential food items so that students could anonymously and discreetly fulfill a basic need for those who might otherwise go without. In 15 months, over 120 food bags have been stocked and distributed.

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