Emil Lopez

Emil Lopez believes that all young people deserve to be heard, and he’s working to bring awareness and solutions to amplify the youth voice in Alaska. A keynote speaker for a recent youth summit, Emil brings to the table an awareness of and solutions for the role of young citizens. A student at Bettye Davie East High School in Anchorage, Emil works very hard and has high goals, and participates in additional rigorous programs that provide him many opportunities for postsecondary education. Emil is an obvious inspiration to our student body and was voted Homecoming King in 2022. Emil’s nominator said, “Emil is a student who works hard, treats others with respect, is kind, and a great friend to many in our school.”


  • Home Town Anchorage
  • School District Anchorage School District
  • Award Category Innovator, Visionary, Dreamer, Role Model