Alondra Resto

Alondra is an active member of Ketchikan Youth Peer Education and Ketchikan Youth for Change (KYFC), as well as being a member of the Ketchikan High School Honors Band. Alondra has been an integral part of this KYFC group, furthering its mission by authoring many of the group’s presentations and facilitating group discussions. Through this growth, Alondra and the group are allowing students a safe place to share ideas and experiences in substance use prevention. Alondra has been a catalyst in helping create this change and has introduced many new activities that students enjoy including Mario Kart tournaments, art contests, and Waffle Wednesdays.

  • Home Town Ketchikan
  • School District Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District
  • Award Category Life Saver, Role Model

Anika Biss

Anika has been a very active member of her church and her community. She helped form a teen volunteer program where teens spend time helping teach Sunday School to elementary-aged children and toddlers. Anika also uses her gift of music to play keyboard for worship at her church and school. She encourages young musicians to pursue their passions and inspires young pianists. Anika has been a part of American Heritage Girls for the past five years where she has hosted caroling nights in her neighborhood and participated in other events. She has also made items and set up her own entrepreneur booth to display and sell her items, donating a portion of her proceeds to charity.

  • Home Town Anchorage
  • School District Anchorage School District
  • Award Category Humanitarian, Role Model

Evelyn Mills

Evelyn is an avid chess player in Fairbanks, AK.  Her passion for chess drove her to approach her teacher and ask if she would be the sponsor to start a club at her school.  The chess club is now incredibly active, hosting tournaments for the school and the community at large.  Most recently, Evelyn worked with UAF and coordinated a tournament on an even larger scale. Evelyn is a quiet leader who leads by positive example. She is incredibly respectful and works with the appropriate parties to allow for her idea to come a reality. This activity encourages individuals to stay off of technology and utilize their brains! 

  • Home Town Fairbanks
  • School District Fairbanks North Star Borough School District
  • Award Category Role Model

Innoko River Middle and High School

Shageluk has a three-mile road between the village and the runway which is under construction. There are ancient pit houses of Shageluk ancestors along the road. This spring, students at Innoko River School ensured their community’s history was being preserved while a construction company came in to resurface the road. Students put markers out that identified the pit houses, which the company honored and left the area alone. They are learning how to own their history including the land, lifestyle and beliefs.

  • Home Town Shageluk
  • School District Iditarod Area School District
  • Award Category Humanitarian, Dreamer

Isaac Setian

Isaac is a coach at the Alaska Rock Gym. He is an outstanding listener and mentor, working with young climbers and encouraging them to solve problems independently. Issac exemplifies allowing kids to climb as they are and meeting them where they are. He is empathetic to his students and creates a safe space for them to take risks, overcome fear and deal with emotional distress. Isaac is outstanding at what he does in the climbing community. 

  • Home Town Anchorage
  • School District
  • Award Category Role Model

Jack Boelens

Jack has identified a need in his community and has helped fill it. In the rural community of Aniak he secured a coffee machine and sells espressos, lattes, and breves along with food, starting his own entrepreneurial venture to reach his financial goals. He taught other students how to run the espresso machine as well as consumer math, profit margins and customer service. Community members look forward to hot lattes at morning athletic events or hot breakfast items to pick up on busy work days, along with great customer service.

  • Home Town Aniak
  • School District Kuspuk School District
  • Award Category Visionary

Jackson Vincent

Jackson Vincent is a champion of justice, leadership, and spirit! Proudly serving on the Valdez Youth Court, leading as President of the Student Council, and even bringing that vibrant energy as the spirited mascot for his schools cheerleading squad.  Additionally, he finds time to involve himself in his schools theater production, Annie. He completed the season as a member of the cross country team. His dedication and determination enable him to conquer any challenge that crosses his path.

  • Home Town Valdez
  • School District Valdez City Schools
  • Award Category Humanitarian, Role Model

Josephine “Josie” Herbert

Josie has been heavily involved in her community by volunteering for multiple fundraising efforts across Southcentral Alaska. Josie does not allow anything to hold her back, despite a traumatic start in life, and recently won the title of Miss Alaska High School.

Josie wants to be a pillar of hope to girls who might feel alone as they navigate through the emotions of being a teenager or subjected to a bad situation.

  • Home Town Wasilla
  • School District Matsu Borough School District
  • Award Category Phoenix, Role Model

Kaycie Nelson

Kaycie is a student from Metlakatla who excels in school and at the Metlakatla Boys and Girls Club teen events. She was recently accepted into the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth class and looks forward to her goal of attending an Ivy League university.

  • Home Town Metlakatla
  • School District Metlakatla
  • Award Category Dreamer, Role Model

Preston Maes

Preston served as the Captain of the Service High School Track & Field Team from 2021-2023 and was an active member of his school’s Partners Club. In 2022, he received the Deputy Coach Award and the Good Sport Award. He is passionate about celebrating the abilities of individuals living with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. Preston always strives to make others feel included in all of his activities. Growing up with a disabled family member, he developed into a natural caretaker. He is known by others as someone who embraces a lifestyle that promotes inclusivity through language and actions.  He is always enthusiastic about contributing to the betterment of those around him.

  • Home Town Anchorage
  • School District
  • Award Category Phoenix, Role Model

Sahara Brentor

Sahara joined the Trapper Creek Community Council in 2022-2023 to represent the youth of the community and participate in local governmental activities. Sahara developed summer Saturday sports that hosted both youth and adults to engage in physical activities such as softball, frisbee, and volleyball. In addition, Sahara and family baked or purchased items to sell to participants. With this money, Sahara started a youth fund under the Trapper Creek Community Council to use in the future for youth activities. The Trapper Creek community does not have sports or youth programs; without Sahara’s efforts locals would need to travel to Talkeetna or Wasilla for youth opportunities.

  • Home Town Trapper Creek
  • School District Matanuska Susitna Borough
  • Award Category Innovator, Visionary, Role Model

Troy Sheldon

Troy has been a member of OPT-In Kiana for six years, starting as an OPT-In Kiana, Jr. Member.  He now serves as an intern with their youth group. He has participated in the LeadOn Summer Planning Group and last year attended LeadON, as he did this year. Troy jumps in to help within the community as well.

  • Home Town KIANA
  • Award Category Role Model