Katrina Katoanga

December 27, 2021

Katrina is in her first year serving as both a TRIO Leadership Committee member and as a mentor for new students in TRIO. TRIO Upward Bound is a college prep program for students who have the potential to be first generation college students and/or of limited income households. Most recently, Katrina helped spearhead a community […]

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Keaton Belcourt

Keaton has a strong presence in life and in the classroom. He leads by example, treating others with kindness and reminding them to be respectful when they are struggling. He’s a positive leader, encourages others to stay on task and complete their work. Not only has he had various struggles in his life that most […]

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Ayla Erickson

Ayla is very involved in her community and school programs. She plays in band, soccer and has her own chickens that she raises and sells the chicken eggs. She brings positivity into the classroom, takes pride in her work, models inclusivity, unselfishness, modesty, kindness, caring and support for her fellow students and teachers.

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Harrison Steeves-Little

An academic leader in the classroom, Harrison leads groups and helps classmates who are struggling. Taking all core classes in the challenging International Baccalaureate program, he maintains a 4.1 GPA. He also tutors his football teammates. This year, he was on the Varsity Football team, and just joined the basketball team. He will be on […]

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Malachi Henderson

December 24, 2021

Malachi is a lead coach at the Alaska Rock Gym. He regularly demonstrates kindness and maturity in helping youth overcome fear of heights and reach their potential. He is patient and observant. He is also the co-captain of the Alaska Rock Gym Climbing Team. He continues to be a role model for the younger athletes.

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Viktor Stanfield

Viktor started working at the Alaska Rock Gym when he was 14 as an Assistant Rock Climbing Coach. He has since worked his way into a Lead Instructor role, becoming the youngest ever to do so in the organization. He teaches youth, ages 4 to 13, the basics of rock climbing as well as the […]

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Slater Jones

December 9, 2021

Slater is very giving and willing to help others. He collected several hundred pounds of food for donations to the Food Bank this winter. He is also part of Scouts, where he organized a troop meeting and invited local government leaders to talk about air quality and how they can help.

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Ben Kolendo

November 24, 2021

Ben is the Student Advisory Representative on the Mat-Su Borough School District school board in Wasilla. He’s an advocate for youth in his home community and in the state of Alaska.  He looks for the good in people, the science in issues facing young people in Alaska and manages his workload with level-headedness and modesty. […]

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Dakota Carey

Dakota is a natural leader. She is caring and helpful. She often helps with younger youth at Youth 360. She assists them with science projects and cooking projects, among others. Overall, she helps keep an atmosphere of respect and harmony.

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November 2, 2021

Arnan is president of Student Council, leads several school clubs, is deeply involved with band and made it to all school state a few times. As president of Student Council, he takes time to help better his school and those around him, and as a leader of several other clubs helps inspire joy and excitement. […]

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Kji Mitchell

February 1, 2021

Kji displays perseverance in helping others by overcoming obstacles great and small. She is a member of Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) and has assisted native youth in exploring, learning about and engaging in the stewardship of their ancestral homelands. Kji also became an advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. She has initiated many in-depth […]

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Anna Boltz

December 28, 2020

Anna has been on the Challenge Alaska Alpine Race Team since she was 8 years old (she began skiing at age 2). She has been the only middle-school-aged disabled athlete to compete among her peers in school sports such as cross-country running (in a handcycle) and Nordic skiing (in a sit-ski). She has been a […]

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Sarah Coss

Sarah is one of the first females in the nation to earn her Eagle Scout badge. Two years ago, when the Boy Scouts allowed females to join, Sarah’s goal was to become an Eagle Scout. Only 6 percent of Boy Scouts receive this achievement, and Sarah is one of the very few women. She is […]

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Anchorage Teen Council

For over twenty five years, Teen Council has provided teen leaders with comprehensive, medically-accurate sexual health training, empowering them to become non-judgmental resources to their peers through both formal presentations and informal social interactions. Members improve the quality of life of peers through direct instruction and informal conversations.

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Darby Osborne

Darby has been a key member within the Youth for Sustainable Futures group and is a vocal advocate in addressing the climate crisis in Sitka and nationally. Her passion, knowledge and commitment to addressing the crisis with real solutions, concrete actions and science-based details has been nothing short of professional.

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Kinley Erickson

Kinley is active in her church’s youth and early childhood programs. She is always patient and caring to children and has taken care of many special needs kids. During her lunch period, she created a Bible study to reach those she didn’t know. She baked the night before while balancing school and work so those […]

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Alana Rose Parent

Alana is the President of the National Honor Society chapter at Steller, and she is also leading a Youth Volunteers program that involves delivering food monthly to Fairview Recreation Center. Additionally, she is a peer mentor at STARR, which reaches out to teens who are battling depression and suicide);  and she is involved in GRIT […]

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Ashley Dahlman

Ashley has taken on a number of leadership roles within her school and community, including student council. She also competed in last year’s Caring for the Kenai competition, where students from around the Kenai Peninsula create, design and implement an idea to better care for their community. Her project was called “Wonderfully Worn Wardrobe,” and […]

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Sage Worl

December 22, 2020

Sage had planned on going to Canada to compete in the Arctic Winter Games, but was unable to because of the Covid-19 pandemic. He participated in several online native games challenges and was able to represent Team Anchorage, medalling in several events this fall and winter. Additionally, Sage joined practice to mentor a younger athlete.

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Anchorage Youth Court

Anchorage Youth Court is a program run by youth for youth. Members are required to take classes, pass a bar exam and be sworn in. They volunteer their time as attorneys, bailiffs and judges. They hear cases from other youth offenders.

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