Jaeden Binion

December 17, 2022

Jaeden is an incredible leader and is passionate about spreading the message of inclusion. He is a Special Olympics Alaska athlete and is one of two Special Olympics U.S. Youth Ambassadors representing Alaska. Jaeden takes seriously his role as an inspirational advocate for those with intellectual disabilities.

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Kailene Vea-Spencer

December 14, 2022

Kailene serves on the Anchorage Youth Court with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. She also stepped up to participate in the Pacific Community of Alaska’s “Bridging the Gaps” project, to bring awareness of unique mental health and identity struggles faced by Alaska’s Pacific Islander community.

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Espen Hennick

December 12, 2022

Living life on the autism spectrum, Espen is a proud representative of his school in varsity soccer, swimming, and basketball; and as a musician, playing the violin. Espen dedicates the majority of his day to school and activities, but also holds down three different after-school jobs, with the hope to create a non-profit organization to […]

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Keirstin Johnson

December 27, 2021

Keirstin plays basketball, runs, is taking a Tlingit class and creates amazing artwork. She stays focused on herself, but is always willing to help others. She has had some struggles with her health, which led to her dealing with challenging anxiety that kept her out of the classroom at times. However, she always returns to […]

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Levi Anderson

December 9, 2021

Last year, Levi was determined to help the current music teacher build up the music program. Thanks to his recruiting efforts numbers in choir and band increased. He also helped a local fundraiser by leading a group of dancers from his school in a musical number. Overall, he has reinvigorated the entire music department and […]

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Tyler Barton

December 5, 2021

During Tyler’s sophomore year of high school he became very sick. He was life flighted down to Seattle with a life threatening disease. He battled for his life in intensive care for many weeks. This did not slow him down academically or socially. He worked from home to catch up on his missed school work […]

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Hannah Craven

November 24, 2021

Despite a family tragedy, Hannah remains a positive force at Youth 360. When Covid-19 hit, she stayed positive from afar and joined many virtual chats. If she notices someone struggling, she lends a helping hand by inviting them to chat or play online games. When she’s out in public, she politely reminds others of the […]

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Anna Boltz

December 28, 2020

Anna has been on the Challenge Alaska Alpine Race Team since she was 8 years old (she began skiing at age 2). She has been the only middle-school-aged disabled athlete to compete among her peers in school sports such as cross-country running (in a handcycle) and Nordic skiing (in a sit-ski). She has been a […]

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Ryann Esteban

Ryann is a member of Student Council, Native Youth Olympics, a Sources of Strength youth leader at school, and a teen member on the Port Graham Native Council. Ryann also independently created artwork for a sweatshirt that amplified the voices of missing and murdered indigenous women.

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Michael Halpern

Michael was involved in every aspect of the virtual history of the veterans 4th of July parade that was broadcast on PBS on July 4 at 11am. He set up and interviewed politicians for the presentation, edited footage from the archives and helped to create narration for the production.

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Naomi Halpern

Naomi made items and sold them at the Saturday and Sunday market this summer to raise money for dogs and cats with cancer. She used the money raised ($700) to create 57 baskets to be distributed to families in coordination with the Pet Stop.

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Denise Bamurange

December 22, 2020

Denise was involved in renaming East High School to Bettye Davis East Anchorage High School, and was the only young person that testified at a school board meeting in support of the name change. Additionally, she has become a leader in her church choir, is very involved in the trio Upward Bound and participated in […]

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Ron Paguio

While involved in the PenPal Program, which connected students from Alaska with students from Uganda, Ron emotionally supported his penpal who had been  a victim of police brutality at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement this summer. Ron also created a supportive and safe space for other students to process this story and […]

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Maximus Wheat

December 15, 2020

Max is the Southeast Alaska representative for the Youth Alaska Action Board on Housing and Homelessness. He heard about this group and immediately asked how he could join and within a short amount of time was speaking at school board meetings, going to state-wide action meetings and encouraging Juneau youth with lived-expereince of homelessness to […]

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Ashley Perry

December 13, 2020

Ashley was born with a genetic disorder, with a one percent chance of survival, that requires monthly infusions. Despite her condition, she focuses on giving back to her community providing those in need with blessing boxes. She believes that there is so much to worry about already and the basic necessities of food and drink […]

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Abby Sochocki

December 4, 2020

Abby is highly involved in the Boys & Girls Club of Fairbanks and the North Pole High School student council. She goes out of her way to make sure new youth at BGC Fairbanks feel welcome and safe, and despite having faced many challenges throughout her life she always responds by standing up for herself […]

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Shane Paul

Shane completed the Native Youth Olympics Coaches-In-Training program and is currently one of the middle school coaches in the Juneau School District. He proudly supports youth in the program and hopes to impart lessons of positive cultural self-identity, respect, teamwork and determination that helped him find his potential.

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Adrian Reinhardt

December 20, 2019

Adrian has been an active volunteer at Stone Soup Group for several years. In addition to helping out around the office, he is the youth leader for SSG’s Bullying Prevention work, and has helped in the re-design of the Souper Gaming Night activity. Adrian continues to volunteer for SSG each month by charging all of […]

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Shaelene Swanson

Shaelene has had a turbulent upbringing, but despite everything she’s been through, she has remained resilient. Throughout her experiences, she has stayed positive. She continues to keep in contact with her friends and family back home, and is part of a group of young teens where she shares her story and provides them with resources.

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Autumn Marie Carlson

December 2, 2019

Autumn Carlson is currently the school president of Sources of Strength, a group dedicated to helping with suicide awareness and prevention, as well as mental health issues like anxiety and depression. In addition, she has volunteered at her school, Coastal Studies, Pratt Museum, and the local Foodbank.

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