November 1, 2017

Spirit of Youth Bullying Prevention Campaign Grants

Spirit of Youth is working to improve behavioral health of Anchorage youth. In 2014, Spirit of Youth began working in partnership with the Anchorage Collaborative Coalitions (ACC) on an in-depth community needs assessment to identify behavioral health issues in our city. Through community input and local data, we learned there is a direct link between poor mental health conditions and bullying. From this, the ACC decided to focus its efforts on preventing bullying and its consequences, which includes poor mental health. Our efforts toward this end include providing training, improving policies, and building awareness around the issue.


Bullying Prevention Campaign Grants are specifically intended to support youth led projects for middle and high school students that meet the following goals:

  • Promote respect and inclusion.
  • Increase the broad community awareness and concern of bullying and its serious consequences.
  • Use of the Careline
  • Reduced stigma among middle and high school youth about reporting bullying
  • Increase awareness among students, parents, teachers and ASD staff of what bullying is
  • Community members advocate for bullying prevention

Grant deadline: Friday, November 30th, 2017, by 5pm

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Visit: for more about bullying behavior, rates, and consequences.

Call: Spirit of Youth 907-272-2875