Nora McBride

Nora’s work with the Ocean Club has resulted in the removal of hundreds of pounds of marine debris from beaches near Whittier Alaska. She has contributed to college-level papers for the Tsunami Bowl including one on polymetallic nodule harvesting in the deep ocean, one on scaling up mariculture, and one on the impacts and mitigation of climate change on wild salmon fisheries and she helped present those papers to students and scientists at the Tsunami Bowl as well as competed in the quiz bowl.

Nora shared the results of her carbon sequestration experiment with the students in her ocean club and with teachers to share with other students in science classes. By working towards testing a possible solution for climate change, Nora is improving her own mental health as well as those she shares her experiment with. It was an inspiration for other students to see and hear about a youth-led experiment that was related to solving a global problem.

  • Home Town
  • School District Anchorage School District
  • Award Category Innovator, Discovery