Max Pfeiffenberger

Max took initiative to refurbish Seward’s only outdoor basketball court as a recreational gathering place for older youth. He organized a group of volunteers to replace the aging cement court with a new play surface, raising funds and gathering donations from local businesses to complete the project.






  • Home Town Seward
  • School District Kenai Peninsula School District
  • Award Category Dreamer, Role Model

Max Pfeiffenberger

Max took initiative to refurbish Seward’s only outdoor basketball court as a recreational gathering place for older youth. He organized a group of volunteers to replace the aging cement court with a new play surface, raising funds and gathering donations from local businesses to complete the project.






Camylle Peterson

Camylle loves fashion design and is an incredibly gifted seamstress. She has been designing and creating her own clothes for some time. She has been able to make soft toys for children. Camylle is an inspiration. Her sewing machine skills and eye for fashion are advanced beyond her years. She has started to sell a few of her items and is on the cusp of launching a business.

Keirstin Johnson

Keirstin plays basketball, runs, is taking a Tlingit class and creates amazing artwork. She stays focused on herself, but is always willing to help others. She has had some struggles with her health, which led to her dealing with challenging anxiety that kept her out of the classroom at times. However, she always returns to class and picks up where she left off. This led to her recently being placed in an advanced class, where she initially struggled, but ultimately persevered and is overcoming challenges.

Lillian Yang

In 2021, Lillian played a critical role in the development of the Amplify Youth Voices Alaska project. The project focused on enveloping youth in creative ways to share messages of hope, encouragement and innovations to keep everyone safe. Lillian created social media content, developed the artist theme prompts, developed the ambassador letter, created a logo for the logo design competition, designed a majority of the online and guidebook content and assisted with workshops.

Katrina Katoanga

Katrina is in her first year serving as both a TRIO Leadership Committee member and as a mentor for new students in TRIO. TRIO Upward Bound is a college prep program for students who have the potential to be first generation college students and/or of limited income households. Most recently, Katrina helped spearhead a community service project where she helped collect diapers and wipes for Afghanistan refugees newly settled into Anchorage.

Keaton Belcourt

Keaton has a strong presence in life and in the classroom. He leads by example, treating others with kindness and reminding them to be respectful when they are struggling. He’s a positive leader, encourages others to stay on task and complete their work. Not only has he had various struggles in his life that most his age have not had to deal with, he continues to be positive and maintains straight A’s in his classes.

Ethan Van Kirk

Ethan participates in art, jazz, baseball, wrestling and is currently a soccer referee. He received 3rd place in state wrestling and has attended soccer tournaments. Despite his successes, he is still modest, stoic and humble. He helps others by sharing all that he has, helping those in need after having been bullied.

Ayla Erickson

Ayla is very involved in her community and school programs. She plays in band, soccer and has her own chickens that she raises and sells the chicken eggs. She brings positivity into the classroom, takes pride in her work, models inclusivity, unselfishness, modesty, kindness, caring and support for her fellow students and teachers.

Katie Cox

When a fire destroyed her hometown theater, where she had performed since she was five, Katie sprung into action. She spent this last summer and fall creating original paintings and selling them on the sidewalk in front of her house. She sold and then donated over $600 to the rebuilding efforts. Additionally, she collected thousands of dollars soliciting donations in front of grocery stores and at Wednesday markets in a local park.

Harrison Steeves-Little

An academic leader in the classroom, Harrison leads groups and helps classmates who are struggling. Taking all core classes in the challenging International Baccalaureate program, he maintains a 4.1 GPA. He also tutors his football teammates. This year, he was on the Varsity Football team, and just joined the basketball team. He will be on the track team in the Spring.

Emaline Buchanan

When Emaline was 13, she started a nonprofit called Duchess Foundation. The nonprofit provides feminine products to school nurses and school districts. She started it when she recognized that her friends needed some help. She turned 16 in February and continues to help her community through the nonprofit.

Malachi Henderson

Malachi is a lead coach at the Alaska Rock Gym. He regularly demonstrates kindness and maturity in helping youth overcome fear of heights and reach their potential. He is patient and observant. He is also the co-captain of the Alaska Rock Gym Climbing Team. He continues to be a role model for the younger athletes.

Ethan Zawodny

Ethan’s contribution to the Anchorage music community is significant. He is involved in numerous performing ensembles throughout Anchorage. He has contributed heavily to the Eagle River High School Band, Jazz Band, and other specialty ensembles. Additionally, he’s been an integral part of the Robert Arms Jazz program and the Youth Symphony. Ethan has also started his own band and has received recognition and competed in national competitions. He even sat in as a warmup drummer with Portugal. The Man at a performance last year.

Viktor Stanfield

Viktor started working at the Alaska Rock Gym when he was 14 as an Assistant Rock Climbing Coach. He has since worked his way into a Lead Instructor role, becoming the youngest ever to do so in the organization. He teaches youth, ages 4 to 13, the basics of rock climbing as well as the social and emotional skills needed to build resilient youth in his community. Viktor also volunteers for the Special Olympics climbing events held at the gym.

Levi Anderson

Last year, Levi was determined to help the current music teacher build up the music program. Thanks to his recruiting efforts numbers in choir and band increased. He also helped a local fundraiser by leading a group of dancers from his school in a musical number. Overall, he has reinvigorated the entire music department and is bringing his enthusiasm to the entire community.

Slater Jones

Slater is very giving and willing to help others. He collected several hundred pounds of food for donations to the Food Bank this winter. He is also part of Scouts, where he organized a troop meeting and invited local government leaders to talk about air quality and how they can help.

Damon Holtman

Damon ran an after school game club at Howard Valentine School in Coffman Cove. He organized the games and taught children how to play them. He also helps provide fresh vegetables to his community through his work with the gardens, greenhouses and livestock at his school. The school is then able to offer these healthy, fresh options to its students through the breakfast and lunch program.

Isabelle Williams

Isabelle is a talented actress and has performed in almost every school and community theater production in Sitka for the past four years. The performances she’s involved in help share important social, emotional and intellectual messages. They also entertain and help viewers escape from their daily challenges.


Deszerei Chong Balingit

Deszerei has started and continues to grow her baking business in Sitka called Deszerei’s Delights. She makes home baked sweets like cookies, cakes and macarons. She recently expanded her business to include weekend sandwich specials like a turkey wrap layered with cream cheese, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Tyler Barton

During Tyler’s sophomore year of high school he became very sick. He was life flighted down to Seattle with a life threatening disease. He battled for his life in intensive care for many weeks. This did not slow him down academically or socially. He worked from home to catch up on his missed school work and ended the year with all A’s and one B in his classes.