November 1, 2022
Spirit of Youth, Anchorage Youth Vote, and other community partners are working as a coalition to build inclusive environments free from bullying.

Approximately 20% of students age 12-18 have experienced bullying. The Spirit of Youth Coalition was created to decrease the risk factor of bullying and to promote protective factors among Anchorage youth. Spirit of Youth is dedicated to creating, promoting and recognizing youth involvement in communities across Alaska. Anchorage Youth Vote works to amplify youth voice and create opportunities for meaningful youth engagement in Anchorage. Together, with other partners in the Spirit of Youth Coalition, we work to ensure that all Alaska youth are included, heard, and empowered.

Up to $3,000 is available for awardees of Bullying Prevention Campaign Grants are specifically intended to support youth-led projects for middle and high school students in Anchorage that meet the following goals:

  • Promote respect and inclusion
  • Increase the broad community awareness and concern of bullying and its serious consequences
  • Reduce stigma among middle and high school youth about reporting bullying
  • Increase bullying awareness among students, parents, teachers and school staff of institutions within the Municipality of Anchorage.

Apply for grant funding by December 9, 2022.
Access the grant guide and application HERE. 

Previous grant recipients have included:

  • Anchorage Youth Court
  • Koahnic Broadcast Corporation – Youth Health Reporters
  • You Are Not Alone (YANA) – West High
  • You Are Not Alone (YANA) – Hanshew Middle School
  • Anchorage Youth Task Force
  • League of Women Voters Anchorage / Anchorage Youth Vote
  • Stone Soup Group
  • National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) Alaska
  • Junior National Honor Society
  • Benny Benson Secondary School
  • See Stories
  • Choosing Our Roots
  • Identity
  • Ignition Mentorship – Dimond High School
  • Boys & Girls Club  – Southcentral Alaska
  • Girl Scouts of Alaska
  • Clark Middle School