December 16, 2020

Spirit of Youth provided several mini grants to a number of organizations. These grants were specifically intended to support youth and young adult-led projects in Anchorage. These efforts promote youth connectedness and engagement

Learn more about some of the youth messaging projects below.


Girl Scouts of Alaska – Independent Virtual Girl Scout Group

The Girl Scouts have been developing girls’ courage, confidence, and character for over 100 years. The Independent Virtual Girl Scout Group connects girls and allows them to benefit from the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in a time of social distancing. With guidance, girls mix and match activities and resources to suit their needs while giving back to their communities. The goal of the Independent Virtual Girl Scout group is to promote connectedness and leadership through youth-led facilitation and engage young girls in grades 6-12 in service projects and mentoring.

Learn about their efforts here.


Identity, Inc. – LGBTQ+ Youth Leadership Team

Identity’s LGBTQ+ Youth Leadership Team is a youth-led initiative that supports and promotes mattering, connection, engagement, respect, and inclusion for LGBTQ+ youth throughout Alaska. Youth involved in the work and vision of the leadership team will help shape the future of Identity’s youth program. Identity’s LGBTQ+ Youth Leadership program further connects LGBTQ+ youth in spaces of shared understanding, respect and inclusion.

Learn about their efforts here.


ASD East High School – Native Student Leadership Council (NLC) / EHS Student Outreach

The Native Student Leadership Council’s mission is to provide opportunities for Alaska Native and American Indian students to learn and utilize leadership skills, share their cultures, volunteer, and enhance pride in being Alaska Native and/or American Indian. As a response to sudden changes and impacts due to COVID-19, the NLC understands the importance of reaching out to students now. Through several efforts such as providing wellness boxes to over 400 youth Anchorage students, NLC will support and encourage adults, youth and their families to engage safely, and genuinely.

To learn more about the Native Student Leadership Council, click here.


See Stories – Youth Speak: Empowering LGBTQ+ Youth and Allies

See Stories builds inclusive communities through film and story. By providing youth access to resources such as film workshops, youth are empowered to share vital stories and messages. Through their current storytelling youth-led project titled “Youth Speak” LGBTQ+ youth and allies,” See Stories seeks to engage LGBTQ+ youth and allies in social justice conversations around mental and emotional experiences, create positive relationships, and expand student networks with LGBTQ+ adults and mentors.

Learn more about their efforts here.


Anchorage Youth Task Force – YTF Inside Out 

The Anchorage Youth Task Force, a project of Covenant House Alaska and Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness, is a group of young leaders in Alaska who are committed in using their knowledge, skills, and insights to improve program practices, as well as inform, and expand youth services. The Anchorage Task Force provides resources to youth and their families across Alaska, offers direct training and technical assistance, and promotes youth/young adult endeavors.

Learn more about their efforts here. 


Choosing Our Roots – The Alaskan Queer Experience. 

Choosing Our Roots (COR) is a grassroots community organization working to ensure that all queer Alaskan youth and young adults have access to safe homes, supportive communities, and opportunities to thrive. COR promotes inclusion, fosters youth development, and empowers youth by providing spaces for youth to share their experiences & perspectives, and receive affirmation from others. Their current project, “The Alaskan Queer Experience” documents youth voices through a podcast and video series that seeks to highlight multi-generational, diverse experiences across Alaska. With this project, Choosing Our Roots hopes to reach LGBTQ+ youth struggling to find acceptance and resources in their communities and build shared knowledge from individuals across multiple generations and intersections of identities about what they need to feel seen, connected, and supported.

Check out more about Choosing Our Roots – The Alaskan Queer Experience here.