March 11, 2019


Runner up: Natalia Schneider (Anchorage) is involved in learning and using the Alutiiq language, working with the Alutiiq immersion preschool, and is an Alutiiq dancer. She is also involved with Native Youth Olympics, and is an inspiration for other youth to be proud of their Alutiiq culture.


Runner up: Keaton Dolph (Kodiak) decided to start an Applied Science Club at Kodiak High School. He worked with administration, found a sponsor, and recruited members. He plans meetings and activities, gathers materials, and trains the members all on his own. The club is new and small, but his dedication is inspiring and impressive.


Runner up: Matt Davis and Jared Heaston (Chugiak) saw a woman get hit by a vehicle. They rushed to help her, performed CPR and all lifesaving efforts prior to the arrival of the paramedics. They have shared their story with students and the community, while advocating for safe driving and helping those in need.


Runner up: The Alaska Youth for Environmental Action Youth Salmon Fellows (Statewide) are a group of young Alaskans who worked on the issue of salmon habitat in their communities.


Runner up: Ashley Perry (Anchorage) was born with a rare genetic disorder called Turner Syndrome. To bring awareness, she reached out to the Governor of Alaska and the Mayor of Anchorage to get a proclamation signed to have Turner Syndrome added to rare disease day and declare February as Turner Syndrome Awareness month.

Role Model

Runner up: Olivia Skelton (Anchorage) is a straight-A student in honors and AP classes, president of the National Honor Society, a company dancer at Alaska Dance Theater, a soloist and member of Da Capo Community Choir. She also holds the title of Miss Alaska High School 2018, and is an American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor.


Runner up: To encourage their classmates to engage in a more significant way in the 2018 Chains of Caring Campaign at South High School, sisters Molly and Lauren (Anchorage) challenged the student body to raise $5,000. The campaign spread throughout the school and on social media, ultimately raising more than $10,000, which was donated directly to the Children’s Hospital at Providence.


Runner up: As part of Ambassador Girl Scout 1935, Daisy Kettle, Ruby Allen, and Sophie Morin (Homer) worked with the Homer Food Pantry to stock dozens of backpacks with essential food items. In the 15-months since the program’s introduction to Homer High School, over 120 food bags have been stocked and distributed.