Noah Leaf

December 12, 2016

Noah Leaf and his family started a summer soccer camp in Seldovia, which Noah helps run. The soccer camp gives children the opportunity to be active and gain new experiences.

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Yuting (Tina) Kang

Yuting (Tina) Kang is an involved member of her community, and is committed to academic excellence. Upon arriving at Cook Inlet Academy, she worked hard to overcome language barriers and achieve a high level of success.

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Jennifer Sage

December 5, 2016

Jennifer Sage is captain of Youth Leaders, a peer mentoring group in Noatak that offer support to youth, including suicide prevention. Jennifer has been involved with Youth Leaders for the last four years.

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Shahaila Nick

November 28, 2016

Shahaila Nick helped organize her school’s annual Veteran’s Day event. Veterans were able to share a meal with youth in the community, and Shahaila went above and beyond to teach youth about military service, and encourage them to thank those who have served. Shahaila is her school’s Student Body President, a member of the Aniak […]

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Leena Robinson

November 14, 2016

Leena Robinson is involved with a group called People in Need of Knowledge, which works to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco use. Organizing events aimed at educating the community about tobacco, participating in student council, and even helping to start up a Girl Scouts group in Nenana, Leena is a passionate local leader.

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Molly Ekstrom

Molly Ekstrom is a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska High School program. She is dedicated to acting as a positive role model, and ensuring that her Little Sister achieve success.

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Alaska Youth Orchestras-Performing Board Members

Amber Pike, Jenna Morris, Isabelle Libbrecht, Charlie Latimer, Aaron Jenkins, Vasily Soloview have all demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in their role as Anchorage Youth Orchestra performing board members. The group of youth act as spokespeople for the orchestra, and are organizing a benefit concert to take place in February 2017.

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Katya Mozalevskaya

October 31, 2016

Katya Mozalevskaya volunteered with Royal Family Kids Anchorage for one year before starting Royal Family Kids Mat-Su Valley in 2014. Royal Family Kids is an organization that works to better the lives of children who have experienced abuse. Katya is a highly motivated and compassionate member of her community.

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Vadim Yenan

October 17, 2016

Vadim Yenan has attended a number of district-wide Youth Leadership trainings, and has had an extremely positive impact on his school’s climate, given his strong leadership skills.

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Kaulani Napoleon

Kaulani Napoleon organized a donation drive aimed at collecting school supplies for refugee youth in the community. He began by presenting the idea to the Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services program run by Catholic Social Services in Anchorage. After receiving the green light from RAIS, Kaulani began reaching out, organizing, and educating the community. At […]

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Sierra Tucker

Sierra Tucker is a participant in the Nome Native Youth Leadership Program and the Alaska Federation of Natives Elders and Youth Conference. Her peers selected her to serve on the First Alaskans Institute statewide Elders and Youth Council in 2015. She was also recognized by the Bering Straits Native Corporation as a 2016 Young Provider.

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Maiya Anderson

Bringing together her passion for music and psychology, Maiya Anderson started a piano lesson program at the senior center in Kenai. The lessons bring joy to the elders in the community, while also helping to bridge a generational divide. Not only is Maiya able to create a strong bond with elders—the program also gives elders […]

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Esau Sinnok

October 10, 2016

Esau Sinnok serves as an Arctic Youth Ambassador, and is working to inform communities about the impact of climate change on his native village of Shishmaref. Esau is currently attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and is pursuing a degree in Tribal Management with the intention of continuing to act as an advocate for his […]

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North Star Youth Court

October 4, 2016

North Star Youth Court is a program that provides legal and mediator training for youth in Fairbanks. The organization aims to promote restorative justice and alternative dispute resolution practices. Youth adjudicate misdemeanor cases for 1st and 2nd time offenders, acting as clerks, attorneys, and judges. Participants are between the ages of 12 and 18. By […]

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Savoonga Youth Leaders

The Savoonga Youth Leaders work hard to better the lives of those around them. They offer counseling to their peers, host community events, help out with the food bank, and provide a taxi service to elders who need assistance getting to community functions. The Savoonga Youth Leaders are always looking for, and finding new ways […]

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Haley Edmondson

October 3, 2016

Haley Edmondson is an active member of her community and volunteers her time to better the lives of those in her community, particularly other youth. Her achievements include hosting a fashion show to raise money for Breast Cancer research, raising over $4,000 for the Children’s Hospital, helping to create a nationally recognized “Raise Your Voice” […]

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Kaisa Reese Ahluniq Kotch

Kaisa Reese Ahluniq Kotch is devoted to combating suicide in her community. Kaisa is a member of the TECK Youth Leader’s Program, a school district program in which youth are trained in bullying and suicide prevention. She also serves as a youth representative with the Maniilaq Behavioral Health Program, which works to identify and combat primary […]

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Samir Akal

September 6, 2016

Samir Akal came to Anchorage two years ago after leaving a refugee camp in Egypt. Going above and beyond what was required  of him, Samir has achieved a high level of academic success. But his hard work has not stopped there. Living with diabetes himself, Samir hopes to help others combat the disease by working […]

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Trenton Wonhola

July 19, 2016

Through his participation in the 4-H Day Camp, Trenton Wonhola of New Stuyahok showed true dedication to every member of his community. He diligently assisted in chores and activities at Fish Camp, working hard to assist elders, and young children. Trenton is helping to heal the wounds of generational trauma by continuing cultural traditions as […]

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Alicia McLelland

February 16, 2016

Alicia is the youngest assistant instructor in the HIT (Hunter Information and Training) Program as well as the executive secretary on Soldotna High School Student Council. Alicia is always one of the first to stand up for what is right, be it a rule or a person having a hard time.

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