Jason Riggs

December 28, 2016

Jason Riggs is an athlete competing for Lathrop in Wrestling, Cross Country, and Soccer. He is a vital member of the Lathrop Robotics Team. Jason has been an active leader and peer mentor in the youth group at First Presbyterian Church for 5 years. Jason is a hard worker, and always ready to step up.

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Tyler Hall

December 27, 2016

Tyler spent many days after school and during his lunch period to assist the teacher and his fellow peers on STEM projects. He fixed, rewired, and soldered motors and control boxes for an underwater robotics program called SeaPerch to ensure that all his fellow students would have access to working materials.

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Jivan Gordon-Wolfe

December 15, 2016

Jivan has led a Make A Difference Day project in October every year for the past 4 years.  He has also been involved with the Alaska Tobacco Control Alliance Youth leaders program for over a year, and has attended two trainings in Anchorage on tobacco education, prevention, and advocacy topics. Jivan has worked and volunteered for […]

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Jedediah Dean

For the past four years, Colony High School Senior Jedediah Dean has been conducting independent research to determine whether radiation levels have been rising on the beaches of Prince William Sound as a result of the 2011 nuclear disaster at Fukushima. Jedediah has won a number of awards at the Alaska State Science and Engineering Fair, and placed […]

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Port Graham High School

October 17, 2016

8th through 12th grade students in Port Graham spearheaded a project to raise rabbits that would eventually be used for skin-sewing and tanning hides. The students were involved in the process from beginning to end and used hands-on experience to build scientific and traditional skills. The rabbits were raised and treated with the utmost care […]

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Sarah Newlun

December 31, 2015

Sarah has worked for the Forest Service for two summers improving trails and building trails. She also volunteers with Big Brothers, Big Sisters and is a trained emergency trauma technician.

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Konaa Tallman

Konaa is a member of the Anchorage Maker Space Robotics Program where he leads outreach programs to teach the community about STEM activities. He is also a dancer and drummer in the Unangan dance group.

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Baahii Tallman

Baahii is a member of a robotics team where he leads an outreach program to teach the community about STEM programs. He is also part of a Native dance group where he revitalizes his culture and language.

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Fairbanks Youth for Habitat Program

November 20, 2015

Fairbanks Youth for Habitat organized a streambank restoration and rain garden project. Their creation improves the water quality and natural habitats along the Chena River and makes it a better place for salmon and other wildlife.

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Shannyn Bird

Shannyn Bird has led statewide youth campaigns to fight climate change, protect wild salmon, and advocate for local food. She  is a Youth Organizer with Alaska Youth for Environmental Action and has galvanized youth in the interior to stand up for a sustainable future for Alaska.

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Esau Sinnok

October 26, 2015

Esau is helping his community of Shishmaref and all of Alaska through his advocacy on behalf of his village and his culture. His actions have helped share the story of a village that is disappearing and will need to relocate because of rising sea levels and erosion. In addition to his environmental endeavors, Esau is […]

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Sofia Astaburuaga Larenas

October 21, 2015

Sofia is passionate about climate change issues. She is an active member of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action. She has been involved with habitat restoration and resource monitoring efforts in Prince William Sound and in the Chugach National Forest.

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Emily Charles

October 14, 2015

Emily participates in the Alaska Department of Fish & Game’s Salmon in the Classroom where students raise salmon from eggs and learn about ways to protect Alaska’s valuable wild salmon stocks for future generations.

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Emily VanNortwick

September 16, 2015

Emily is an arachnophile. She has spent countless hours educating youth groups around Eagle River about her pet tarantulas. Her enthusiasm for spider and reptile zoology inspires young people to embrace learning and to be excited about science.

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Christine S.D. Noratak

September 15, 2015

Christine participated in the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program this summer where she worked on hands-on projects with science and engineering professionals. She knows how to work hard to achieve her goals and is an inspiration to her friends and family.

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Kayla Drumm

Kayla has a passion for biological science. She has assisted in marine debris research projects, archaeological digs and fish habitat projects in the city of Yakutat. She has taken the lead on several youth science projects including researching the changes of Yakutat’s exposed sandy beaches. She also works with younger children in reading and math […]

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Kodiak High School Europa Challenge Team

June 24, 2015

John Dunlop, Anna McDonald, Levi Purdy and Kyle Ruotsalainen are working with real-world scientists on earthquake research. They created four Global Earthquake Forecast Systems platforms, which have been installed in different areas on Kodiak Island. They are the first high school team in the world to be accepted to compete in the international university and business level Europa Challenge.

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East High FIRST Robotics

March 2, 2015

The East High FIRST Robotics team not only builds and competes with robots, but they also inspire younger students to get involved in STEM-related activities. They host workshops in the community and visit local elementary schools where they perform robot demonstrations.

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Alisa Aist

February 11, 2015

Alisa is passionate about marine biology. In 2015 she received the Ocean Youth Award for her dedication to promoting the understanding and stewardship of Alaska’s oceans. She was an intern at the Campbell Creek Science Center and has contributed to many re-vegetation and beautification projects around the Campbell tract. Her excitement and commitment to science is an […]

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Alta Dean

Alta is passionate about the health of Alaska’s waters. She has spent four summers independently researching ocean acidification in Prince William Sound and has presented her findings at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium and the Alaska State Science and Engineering Fair.

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