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1. Briefly describe your background or experience working with youth.*

2. Please list current or prior experience serving on an organizational board.*

3. Please explain why you wish to serve on the Spirit of Youth Board of Directors.*

4. In which of the following areas to you have skills or experience? Please check all that apply.
  Advocacy/Public policy   Organizational Management/HR
  Teaching/Training   Business law
  Youth Development   Media work
  Community development   Art and Culture
  Fundraising   Research
  Finance   Writing
  Program Planning and Evaluation   
Other (please indicate):*

5. To which of the following groups or constituents do you have access? Please check all that apply.
  Youth   Government (local/state)
  Educators/Schools   Scientific community
  Youth-serving organizations   Artistic community
  Service clubs and organizations   Radio/TV
  Native or rural Alaskans   Print media
  Non-Native minorities   Health and medical community
  Legal system   Social services
  Business and corporations   Military
  Faith groups/Spiritual community   
Other (please indicate):*

6. Which of the following characteristics describe you? Please check all that apply.
  Youth (age 16-21)   Reflective
  Parent   Productive in groups
  Task-oriented/organized   Productive working alone
  Detail-oriented   Visionary/big picture thinker
  Outwardly passionate   
Other (please indicate):*

7. The mission and current goals of Spirit of Youth are to:
  • Create a sustainable human resource infrastructure
  • Develop and implement a sustainable revenue strategy
  • Enhance Spirit of Youth programs that will lead to youth opportunity in Alaska
Please share any other qualities or characteristics you have that you feel would help the board in fulfilling its mission and achieving its current goals.

Please upload your resume for our review.
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